Hosting Hugo site on Github Pages with Custom Domain

Posted 13. February 2019 โ€ข โ˜•๏ธ 3 min read.

As Sites created with HUGO will be static site and Github provides a free hosting for static website, we are going to use Github Pages.

## Create a Github Repository and Clone it Locally First thing we need to do is to Create 2 Project repositories on GitHub. Name your first repository with exact name as your website directory `YourProjectNanme` (Project that you created in your local machine) and for the second one,name it as **\**. This repository will contain static content created with Hugo.

Now, pull those repos to your local machine

cd <YourProjectNanme>
git clone
git clone

Initialize your <YourProjectNanme> folder with below Command

git init

And repo remotely with remote and add

git remote add origin
git pull origin master

## Edit Config File

Before we commit our changes we need to edit config.toml (Located in Root Directory of your Project 'YourProjectName') and change Base URL.

baseurl = "" // Change YourUserName with your GIthub Username 
--- OR ---
baseurl = "" // Custom Domain Name 

## Generate static content Now lets generate static content with Hugo ``` hugo -d ../ ``` And now Push our Hugo Code to github repository
cd YourProjectName
git add .
git commit -m "your message"
git push origin master

And Push Static content to github

git add .
git commit -m "your message"
git push origin master

# Configuring Custom Domain

In order to use custom domain with our gitthub pages, we will have to configure A records for our domain (you can do this wil help of DNS Provider)

Add below IP address as a A records on your domain.

There are two way to add custom domain to our project. 1. Create a CNAME file in our root directory of the project 2. Use Settings option from github project repo and add a custom domain.

We are going with option 2

Open your github project repo **** and navigate to settings page.Scroll down untill you see **GitHub Pages** section and there will be a option to add custom domain there.

Add your custom domain and click on save button.There is a also another check box Enforce HTTPS. check it (It will provide a layer of encryption and your site will be viewed over HTTPS).

If you are using a www sub-domain, there are chances that you might not be able to check the Enforce HTTPS check-box. I was also receiving a Privacy error with custom domain and i solved it by changing a DNS record.

I had added the CNAME record (you can add this using DNS Provider)


Problem with above is that I was redirecting my www sub-domain to my apex(main) domain.

I Solved this issue by changing my CNAME record to

www CNAME // add your url here

#### It takes around 48 hours for Github to generate HTTPS certificate on custom domain so, you might want to wait for it.

๐Ÿ™Œ Congratulations, your website is now live and can be seen at \<YourUserName>

A Note:

I am documenting this entire process just in case i might need it in future. Maybe this can be useful to you too.

Happy Coding.