What is the Test Plan / Test Approach ? and how to prepare it ?

By Pritesh Usadadiya |  Jun 16, 2019  | testing, featured

Test Documentation and planning were my least favorite things when I started my carrier. Mainly because Coding took preference above all others for me and I let others (read engineers at senior level) to take care of Test Planning and documentation. But as you progress more and more in your field, you start to get glimpse of why this things are important. There are lots of thing that we need to take care of in Testing of any Software.

In this post, let me try to explain few points that everyone should follow when designing Test Process and Documentation of any given software product.

  1. Creating the test Plan.
  2. Preparing the test schedule.
  3. Brief introduction of the different test types
  4. Exit criteria that should be full filled before any production release.
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