As Sites created with HUGO will be static site and Github provides a free hosting for static website, we are going to use Github Pages.

Create a Github Repository and Clone it Locally

First thing we need to do is to Create 2 Project repositories on GitHub. Name your first repository with exact name as your website directory YourProjectNanme (Project that you created in your local machine) and for the second one,name it as <YourUserName> This repository will contain static content created with Hugo.

Now, pull those repos to your local machine

cd <YourProjectNanme>
git clone
git clone

Initialize your <YourProjectNanme> folder with below Command

git init

And repo remotely with remote and add

git remote add origin
git pull origin master

Edit Config File

Before we commit our changes we need to edit config.toml (Located in Root Directory of your Project ‘YourProjectName’) and change Base URL.

baseurl = "" // Change YourUserName with your GIthub Username 
--- OR ---
baseurl = "" // Custom Domain Name 

Generate static content

Now lets generate static content with Hugo

hugo -d ../

And now Push our Hugo Code to github repository

cd YourProjectName
git add .
git commit -m "your message"
git push origin master

And Push Static content to github

git add .
git commit -m "your message"
git push origin master

Configuring Custom Domain

In order to use custom domain with our gitthub pages, we will have to configure A records for our domain (you can do this wil help of DNS Provider)

Add below IP address as a A records on your domain.

There are two way to add custom domain to our project. 1. Create a CNAME file in our root directory of the project 2. Use Settings option from github project repo and add a custom domain.

We are going with option 2

Open your github project repo and navigate to settings page.Scroll down untill you see GitHub Pages section and there will be a option to add custom domain there.

Add your custom domain and click on save button.There is a also another check box Enforce HTTPS. check it (It will provide a layer of encryption and your site will be viewed over HTTPS).

If you are using a www sub-domain, there are chances that you might not be able to check the Enforce HTTPS check-box. I was also receiving a Privacy error with custom domain and i solved it by changing a DNS record.

I had added the CNAME record (you can add this using DNS Provider)


Problem with above is that I was redirecting my www sub-domain to my apex(main) domain.

I Solved this issue by changing my CNAME record to

www CNAME // add your url here

It takes around 48 hours for Github to generate HTTPS certificate on custom domain so, you might want to wait for it.

🙌 Congratulations, your website is now live and can be seen at <YourUserName>

A Note:

I am documenting this entire process just in case i might need it in future. Maybe this can be useful to you too.

Happy Coding.

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